10x10 is a challenging Tetris-inspired puzzle game. The field's size is 10x10 and you can freely place the assigned blocks into it. Once a line is successfully formed, it will disappear. Place them in the correct positions so that you can keep forming lines. What is your best score? Have fun! You can also play the Arabic themed version in 10x10! Arabic.

Release Date

The game was initially released in August 2015 and was updated in February 2019.


  • Differently shaped blocks
  • Free to place the blocks on the board
  • A shop to buy new themes


  • Desktop browser
  • Mobile browser



Drag the left mouse button on a block to the board.


Who created 10x10?

10x10 is made by CoolGames.

How to play 10x10?

  • Go to 10x10 on RoyaGames
  • Drag blocks onto the field to clear lines
  • Make sure you have enough space to always drag a block onto the field

What are some tips and tricks for playing 10x10?

  • Focus on clearing lines (it's not tetris!).
  • Try to clear rows and columns at the same time.
  • Pick one of the three blocks wisely.
  • Fill the corners first.
  • Be prepared for getting a 3x3 block.

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