Idle Empire 3

Idle Empire 3 is an awesome idle clicker game and the third instalment in the Idle Empire series (after 1 and 2). You must build and manage an empire and take care of different aspects of your civilization such as technology and resources. Your empire starts as a small village and as you progress you can upgrade its status. Your basic income is generated from your statue. You must click on this statue and for each click you earn a small amount of gold.

You can use this gold to buy upgrades and to improve your empire. You can also hire workers for the gold mine who automatically generate gold over time. You can also upgrade your clicking power in the gold mine to increase the amount of gold you receive per statue click. Aside from the resource management you can unlock research and science and also complete quests. Watch your empire grow and continue to research new buildings such as a lab and a house. Can you build a successful empire and create a civilization that flourishes?


Idle Empire 3 is developed by Blooroth.



Left click to play.

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