Idlefall is a fantastic idle game that combines idle elements together with the retro pixel game Super Breakout/Pong. You control a single paddle and must collect the blocks that drop from the top of the screen – you can move your paddle left and right. For each block you collect, you gain points – these points can be used to purchase upgrades to improve your collections rates etc.

The upgrades increase in price everytime you purchase one and there is 8 different categories of upgrade in total. You can increase the rate at which blocks are dropped, you can increase the multiplier for combo points, you can also upgrade the amount by which your paddle fills to gain points. Furthermore, you can buy additional paddles and expand the length of your bar. This game is simple, but hugely addictive and you will find yourself paddling for hours on end! How many points can you collect? Can you purchase all the upgrades and make the ultimate paddle?


Idlefall is developed by Truefire.


Use AD or left/right or drag mouse button to move the paddle.


For easier control, activate the Free Mouse option to make the paddle follow your mouse's movement.
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