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Little Farm Clicker

Little Farm Clicker is a fun idle game in which you must build up your very own farm and grow a range of crops and livestock. Your grandpa has left you his farm and you must move from the big city to become a successful farmer! Starting with a single plot of land you must grow wheat to earn income and then expand your farm to grow new and exciting crops and animals.

Your crops generate automatically, but you must click to collect the coins at set intervals - as the crops and animals increase in value, so does the collection time. Wheat for example only takes a few seconds to generate coins, whereas cows take a longer period of time. You can buy upgrades from the shop such as automating the crop collection, and random reward crates. Furthermore you can complete side missions to earn rewards and unlock achievements. Can you unlock all 9 plots and create a successful farm in honor of your grandpa?


  • Simple and fun gameplay
  • Lots of upgrades
  • Fun animations
  • Kids friendly



Left click or drag left mouse button to harvest.
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