Text Twist 2

Text Twist 2

Text Twist 2 - the awesome word game. Text Twist 2 is a word game that tests your grammar, spelling, and vocabulary skills in a unique, fun and challenging way. The gameplay is the same as in Text Twist: Click on letters in a specific order to form words as you try to fill out the grid.

You have the option of a timed match or you can play a slow-paced game to try and discover all the hidden words. Text Twist 2 improves upon the original game by adding better graphics, three new game modes and an expanded dictionary.

The free online version of this game is superb and so much fun. Out of all the different puzzle games we have, this is certainly one of the most fun. It puts a unique twist on common word puzzles and will challenges users. Whilst playing, users will improve their spelling, typing, and grammar.

In the timed version of texttwist, users must try and guess as many words as possible in the limit. 6 letters are given, and a host of words. Users must find different combinations using those words. Let’s say, for example, the letters are P R T V I A E. Users could make words such as private, eat, tea, tripe, and vet.

For each round, users must gain a certain number of words. Furthermore, the must also use all of the 6 letters at least once. Test your word skills today and see how many combinations you can create.


Web browser (HTML5)




Use your mouse to play Text Twist 2.