AFK Arena




Lead a group of heroes and save the kingdom


AFK Arena is an RPG set in the fantastic world of Esperia, a land in which four great factions have warred against each other since time immemorial. Your goal will be to recruit a group of heroes from each faction and save the world.

Game systems in AFK Arena are very simple. The first thing you do is place your heroes within a strategic formation. Usually you'll want warriors in the front line of battle so that they absorb enemy attacks, with the archers and sorcerers in the second line.

During combat your characters attack automatically, but you can activate their special abilities manually. At first you only have a special ability, but as your characters move up, you can unlock more abilities.

In AFK Arena you recruit more than a hundred different heroes, with whom you travel the world of Esperia at your whim. The dungeons, in addition, are generated randomly every time you go inside, so you'll never face the same challenge twice.

AFK Arena is an excellent RPG, that although it has a very simple game system, offers beautiful visuals, capable of keeping you glued to the screen on their own. It also has an excellent soundtrack and a lot of variety of characters, enemies and scenarios.
By Erika Okumura
Foxbeen X