Bixbi Button Remapper - bxActions


Customize the use of your Bixby button


Bixbi Button Remapper - bxActions is an app to reconfigure the function of the Bixby button on Samsung devices. You can use it to carry out whatever action you want: turn on the light, silence your device, open a specific app, or even disable it entirely. In total you can associate more than 30 different actions to your Bixby button.

Bixbi Button Remapper - bxActions is a very useful app for users of Samsung devices, thanks to which you can customize your user experience to adapt it to your needs and demands. And all over a clean, clear, and ad-free interface.
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We know that the customization layer on Samsung devices tries to move as far away as possible from the standard Android Stock experience, simply to stand out from the pack. Luckily, in case you're not entirely in love with the Samsung style, there are plenty of ways to get rid of the whole look and extra features included on Galaxy phones without having to use root or take any risks.


Requires Android 7.0 or higher.

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