Last Hope Sniper


Become the top sniper in this zombie apocalypse



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Last Hope Sniper is a first-person shooter where you play a professional sniper who, after a zombie apocalypse, decides to put his skills at the service of those who can't fight. Your objective: protect the other survivors and help build a better world.

The controls in Last Hope Sniper are really intuitive. Sliding your finger around the left side of the screen lets you aim your weapon. On the right side of the screen, you'll find the rest of the controls, like the button to shoot and the one for using the telescopic sight. Later on, you can also unlock special shots which you can select with just a tap.

In the story mode in Last Hope Sniper, you're guided though several dozen missions where you need to face tons of dangerous situations. Normally, you just have to face hordes of brain-dead zombies, but at times, you need to need to fight against colosal zombies. On some missions, you even have to help other survivors.

Between missions, you can buy new weapons or improve the weapons you already have available. In all, you can get 18 different weapons: six handguns, six sniper rifes, and six assault weapons. Each one of these has its own stats and strengths.

Last Hope Sniper is an excellent FPS with a captivating setting and story, attractive graphics, and an adequate shooting system.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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