Rooms Of Doom


Put Doctor Doom's creations to the test


Rooms Of Doom is a game where you have to help the mad scientist Doctor Doom as he tries to create the perfect creature in his scary secret laboratory. To do so you have to put the skills of all his creations to the test.

Rooms Of Doom is basically a collection of minigames that you have to complete while you manage Doctor Doom's fun creations. Each minigame is a room. And in each room you'll find a different challenge: dodging hydraulic presses, hunting ghosts with a vacuum, climbing down spiderwebs ... you'll find more than a dozen similar crazy tests.

As you play and beat the different rooms you'll earn coins. With these coins you can expand your laboratory, adding more minigames to your collection. Doing this will also unlock new creatures. Each has its own special abilities that can also be improved, meaning that some of them will give you huge advantages on certain levels.

Rooms Of Doom is a stupendous collection of minigames. Not only will you find a wide variety of fun tests but also a gigantic selection of friendly characters you can supplement with dozens of upgrades.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher

Foxbeen X