Snow Kids


Throw snow balls and beat all your rivals


Snow Kids is a platform game that challenges you to help the penguins slide around the setting. To do so, you just have to make sure that you get rid of all your enemies by throwing snowballs non-stop.

Visuals in Snow Kids are pretty eye-catching and it keeps the essence of other classic games. In order to control your character, you just have to click on the right and left arrows and click on the vertical one to jump. If you click on that button twice, the thrust will be more powerful and it'll be easier to pass the highest obstacles.

When your enemies start to come close to you, you need to dodge them by jumping over them or click on the action button to throw the snowballs. That way, you'll freeze your rival and use it to impact the rest of the adversaries that are getting close.

Enjoy super entertaining rounds Snow Kids while you try to add as many points to your score as possible. Submerge yourself inside this frozen world and beat all the rivals and final bosses before your time runs out.
By Beatriz
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Snow Kids is one of the best platformers that exists on Android

NEUTRONIZED seems to have become synonymous with quality. We've loved every one of the games that have come out of this indie studio and its newest release, Snow Kids, definitely does not disappoint. It's a total vintage-style platformer with precise controls and a great retro look. What more could we possibly ask for?


Android 2.3 or greater is required.

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