Waze Social GPS Maps and Traffic is a fun app full of traffic and navegation maps and has more than 50 million users. It allows you to be in contact with other drivers in the area so you can avoid traffic, save time and money, and improve everyone's daily trips.

Just by keeping Waze open while you drive, you are already contributing a lot of traffic information in real time, so that drivers in the area have an idea of what the traffic is like. It also alerts about accidents, obstacles, police and other things that you see.

Other Waze benefits allow you to find the cheapest gas stations along the way thanks to information given by other Waze users.

By being synced with Facebook, Waze also shows you where you can find your friends. You can also find direct routes for a Facebook event with more ease.

Waze is an excellent GPS for Android. It adds a social component that allows us to get a lot of advantages on the highways thanks to the normal benefits of GPS programs.
The best traffic radar detector apps on Android

It goes without saying that driving safely to avoid traffic accidents is important when traveling along the highway. You should always respect the speed limits to be safe, but sometimes, you find yourself going over the limits as you follow the flow of traffic. That's why its never a bad idea to have Android tools that help by alerting you to the existence of speed cameras. These apps are completely legal and free, and in most cases, also work as a GPS.


Requires Android 2.2 or higher.

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